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Customers today expect not just good service but exceptional service. The suite of programmes in this learning palette is tailored to equip individuals to become service champions. Diverse service related competencies are addressed by the programmes on offer here. From voice training for service frontliners to better emotional engagement in customer communications. MJI’s customer communication experts will help take your service engagement to a higher and deeper level.


SE-01-Be Heard Professionally- Voice Training For Frontline Staff


The aim of this programme is to equip frontline staff with a better understanding of basic techniques and skills necessary to speak competently and professionally. Participants will first be given an overview of voice communication and the importance of managing customers’ experiences with the organization via frontline interaction when using their voice. An individual voice analysis/audit will then be conducted with the aid of a sound engineer. This audit will help participants understand their current strengths and weaknesses in voice control and management, including critical components of tone, pitch, pronunciation, volume and pace.



•Understand how voice control and management contributes to a positive customer service experience

•Undergo a voice analysis and audit to pinpoint current flaws and areas for improvement

•Develop confidence and voice expressiveness in both face-to-face and telephone-mediated customer interactions

•Learn voice techniques and skills to engage a customer better

•Learn tips to continually improve their voice skills

SE02 - Developing H.E.A.R.T Skills For Service Excellence


Do you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors by having increased sales? Do you want your customers to remain loyal to your brand? Are you making regular deposits into the emotional bank of your customers? Do you want to take the service culture of your organization to a higher level? This workshop will help you achieve these objectives and more by helping your staff understand the importance of emotional engagement in customer communications. This program will enable you to focus on delivering the intangible of having the customer remember positively, thus further raising the value of your services or products.



•Understand and negotiate around their various emotional states while engaging customers

•Learn to put into practice positive attitudes

•Learn to align these attitudes to their job responsibilities

•Understand the emotional bank and its impact on customer relationships and their feelings towards your organization

•Realize what is most important to customers to make them keep coming back to you

SE03 - How May I Help You - Essential Equipping For Service Staff


‘How may I help you?’ Is a specially designed workshop, which will equip frontline staff with the key skills and attitudes to manage customer interactions and confidence, courtesy and professionalism? Frontline staffs are often the face and voice of the organization. This workshop not only imparts the skill-sets and know-how’s but also keeps the learning relevant through the usage of revolutionary action-learning activities.



•Understand the importance of great frontline service

•Project a positive attitude and make a great impression

•Learn how to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally

•Develop trust, establish rapport and make the customer feel valued

•Learn how to use specific customer oriented phrases and words when communicating with the customer

SE04 - Effective Telephone Handling Skills


This workshop equips participants with the basic skills necessary to project a professional image of themselves and the company over the telephone. Interactive methodology such as role-plays and case studies will be used to provide participants with opportunities for skills practice. Using live recordings, participants will be able to analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses in critical aspects of telephone skills.



•Appreciate how telephone etiquette contributes to a positive image for the company

•Analyze the job needs to be fulfilled at each stage of a telephone conversation

•Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their voice

•Use active listening and pinpointing techniques to understand the needs of the other party in a phone conversation

•Have a standard format for consistency and professionalism over the phone

SE05 - Managing Difficult Customer Situations


This practical and comprehensive program will help you develop better communication and interpersonal skills. It will equip you with the ability to read different customers and use the right techniques to deal with them. Participants will also learn how to manage their own emotions when in a difficult situation as well as learn conflict management techniques.



•Identify their personal strengths and weaknesses in communicating with customers

•Identify and deal effectively with difficult personalities

•Learn how to turn a situation into a win-win scenario

•Employ approaches to improve communicating with difficult customers

SE06 - Handling Customer Interactions And Service Recovery Skills That Work


Have you ever felt frustrated and angry when serving difficult customer? Do you often feel stressed when dealing with demanding customers? Have you ever wondered how you can provide better service recovery to retain your customers? This workshop is designed to answer those questions and to further equip you with the essential skills that will transform you and your customer interactions towards success.



•To be equipped with customer service and management skills

•Learn how to project a positive and professional image to the customer

•Develop professional skills to move beyond customer retention to customer loyalty

•Learn how to better manage feelings of anger, frustration and anxiety when dealing with your customers

•To develop confidence in speaking to customers over the phone as well as in person

SE07 - Writing Service Oriented Replies To Customer Complaints


Writing replies to customers through email and letters is a hugely challenging task. This is especially so when responding to difficult letters and customer complaints. Writing with its remote nature of communication - which eliminates tone of voice and body language – presents a huge potential of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Bottom-line, employees who don’t write effectively give bad service and hurt your company’s image and performance. This hands-on and interactive training workshop is designed to improve the quality of your written communications. It is especially useful for those working in customer support, call centers and for employees who frequently write emails and letters to internal as well as external customers.



•Be updated on the current style and formats for writing

•Learn the different approaches to writing back

•Learn how to reply to an aggrieved customer

•Learn how to avoid legal liability in your replies

•Make a positive impression with your writing to ensure customer retention and loyalty

Be Heard Professionally - Voice Training For Frontline Staff
Developing H.E.A.R.T Skills For Service Excellence
How May I Help You - Essential Equipping For Service Staff
Effective Telephone Handling Skills
Managing Difficult Customer Situations
Handling Customer Interactions And Service Recovery Skills That Work
Writing Service Oriented Replies To Customer Complaints
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