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At MJI, we take pride in our innovative and highly engaging and effective team building solutions. We believe in colouring outside the box when conceptualizing team based interventions to ensure they exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

We leverage our expertise, research, and years of hands-on experience toward the goal of helping you to build even higher performing teams.

Matthew James International, F1 Formula 1 Teambuilding Singapore


Teams Start your engines! Are you ready for the challenge of designing, building and racing an F1 car?

bird paradise teambuilding singapore team building Matthew James International MJI

Bird Paradise  Teambuilding 

Embark on an extraordinary team building adventure amidst the awe-inspiring Singapore Bird Paradise, Asia's largest bird park.

Matthew James International, Amazing Race Heritage Singapore Team building Teambuilding


Travel back in time and embark on a mission in a race against time to save the day. Engage in a high-energy, half-day outdoor team challenge that combines elements of the amazing race and heritage exploration.

Squid Game Teambuilding Team building Singapore

Squid Game  Teambuilding 

Get your game face on!  Immerse yourself in the excitement of 'Squid Game' as you tackle challenges like 'Red Light, Green Light, 'Dalgona Candy Challenge,' Tug Of War, and more. Team up, strategize, and share a laugh while conquering obstacles and aiming for victory against rival teams. 

Matthew James International, Teambuilding Singapore Puppet Master.jpg


Is your team ready to “UP” your game?  Then look no further.  This is the ultimate team challenge that will take your team to the next level. One of our best sellers!

future photo.png

Becoming a
Future Ready Team

Is your team future ready? This event is designed in the format of a team learning journey using action learning activities to equip work teams with the essential skills and mindset needed to thrive in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) world.

Matthew James International building a higher performing team

Building a Higher Performing Team

If you are looking for a team intervention that addresses specific issues that your team faces, then this event fits the bill.

In this event, MJI will design activities to surface and address current team challenges in an objective yet fun and engaging way.  We employ thought provoking action learning activities such as scenario gaming to ensure that the team walks away benefiting from this experience.

More importantly, in-depth post-activity debriefs are led by our experienced consultants with the intention for self and team reflections culminating in action plans for application post-event

Matthew James International, Regetta sailing team building

Sailing Regatta

This event is perfect for leadership teams and smaller groups as it encourages bonding and teamwork as participants engage in a sailing race. Participants will board boats and be assigned individual roles onboard which are critical to helping their team win the regatta. Each boat will be skippered by an experienced sailor as teams race towards the finishing point.

Matthew James International, shop til you drop team building

 Shop Till You Drop!

This is a half-day amazing race themed event designed around a shopping theme. So, if shopping is your thing, then this is a team challenge that you will love!

Teams will embark on a mission to travel to various destinations where they will need to complete team challenges with a shopping spin to them. This exciting event can be conducted within the comforts of an air-conditioned mega mall which is perfect if you want to avoid the humidity of Singapore. Alternatively, it can also be designed for an outdoor experience.

Matthew James International, Amazing Race Heritage Singapore Teambuilding Team building

The Amazing Race

Option 1: City Race
Option 2: Resort Race
Option 3: Country side Race
Option 4: Driving Race
Option 5: Sea-based race


This very popular event is designed and modelled after the popular CBS Reality show, The Amazing Race. Teams will have to negotiate various detours, roadblocks and complete tasks at each station before heading to the finishing point to emerge the winner of the race. The race can be held in any city. The MJI team will incorporate the unique and interesting things and activities about the location into the race design to ensure that the experience is rich and fulfilling.

Matthew James International, Chinatown heritage Race Singapore Team building Teambuilding

Heritage Trails

Option 1: Cultural
Option 2: Heritage and Historical
Option 3: Museum Race


This event will see teams racing to various sites that are rich in history and heritage. This event combines an amazing race with a learning journey. Teams will discover fascinating facts and journey to interesting sites. A recent addition is a museum themed event where teams journey to the various museums in the city to discover heritage and history. This is a good event to foster camaraderie among team members. Apart from Singapore, the event can be organized in outbound locations such as Malacca, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Bali among other cities rich in culture and heritage.

Matthew James International, Wild Safari Teambuilding Team building singapore

Wild Safari Race

Host your teambuilding event at the world’s best Rainforest Zoo!   The event design and execution strategically incorporates elements of the Zoo to infuse fun and build greater sense of team spirit and bonding. This is a full day event which focuses on team bonding as well as team effectiveness. 


Firstly a full day half day indoor based event housed at the Forest Lodge where learning  will be the primary focus.  After a sumptuous lunch, the group can explore the many exhibits and attractions within the zoo while being engaged in a team based mission that promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Matthew James International, treasure hunt team building

Cracking The Code

This treasure hunt event is inspired by the famous novels and movies; Angels & Demons and the Da Vinci Code. Like the books, teams will need to put on their thinking caps and work together to complete a time-sensitive This is a perfect event to further improve the creative problem solving skills of your teams. Teams with the ability to think-outside-the-box will have an edge. Get ready to crack the code!

Matthew James International, syner team


SynerTeam is a specially designed intervention to help teams identify and address current team challenges. Through customized action-learning activities, detailed post-activity debriefs, self and team reflections and trainer driven discussions, participants will learn how to communicate better, avoid silo mentalities, optimize resources, negotiate internally and influence others. This is an effective intervention for regional or virtual teams who want to better their communication skills and thereby increase their productivity, bottom-lines and overall effectiveness.

Matthew James International, beauty in diversity

Beauty In Diversity

Teams are made of diverse individuals. It is often challenging for different personalities to work cohesively. This event utilises the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality instrument to help teams gain a better understanding of themselves and view diversity as something that makes the team stronger. This event promotes both self and team awareness. Through interactive games, participants will gain a better understanding and appreciation of diversity and in doing so forge a stronger team unit.

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