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At MJI, our commitment to a long term vision of corporate sustainability is vital. This drives our people to achieve our business goals in a responsible manner. The commitment is reflected in all aspects of how we conduct our business. We define sustainability broadly to focus on 4 main areas:

Matthew James International Singapore sustainability, people and values

People and Values

We are a values driven company. We believe in the values of godliness, fairness, honesty, integrity, responsibility, teamwork and a love of learning. The manifestation of these values in our people enables us to forge strong partnerships and relationships with our clients. It is our passion to make a quantifiable impact in all we do. At MJI, we stand by our values and by doing so strive to do the right things for our clients and our people.

Matthew James International Singapore, commitment to the environment

Commitment To The Environment

The preservation of a healthy planet for everyone to live in and enjoy is everyone's responsibility. We believe in doing our part. This can be attested through our daily efforts to reduce wastage through responsible communication protocols. These efforts to reduce our carbon footprints can make a difference in the global fight against climate change.

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We embrace a culture of diversity in the workplace and affirm the right of individuals to be themselves. We believe that diversity makes us stronger as a collective. In today's fast changing business landscape, employees from different generations, gender, nationalities, cultures, sexualities and personalities work together. It is very important for organisations to put in place policies and practices to build an inclusive and harmonious workplace. At MJI, we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce that is well-managed can bring about better business performance and higher employee engagement. We help our clients to achieve this as well through our business solutions.

Matthew James International Singapore, ethics


At MJI, we conduct our business in an ethical manner. This is reflected in everything we do.

As a leading learning and development consultancy, our daily work requires us to cultivate strong relationships with all our internal and external customers. We believe that people will only place their confidence in you if their trust has been earned through a healthy and honest business relationship. We are working every day to earn that trust by engaging all issues that matter to people in a responsible, fair and ethical manner.

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