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Meet The Team

One of the strategies that have contributed to our success as a company is to build a team made up of diverse and passionate individuals who share similar values when it comes to learning and development. Each member of the team believes in what they do and are very good at it. At MJI our consultants are not generalists but rather specialists in their various competencies. Our clients have benefited not just from the knowledge garnered and shared by the team but more importantly the wealth of experience and passion that each of them brings.  

Rachpal Tulsi

Rachpal K Tulsi

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Rachpal believes in helping individuals to develop new thinking patterns and apply new perspectives in their work

Caroline Dawson at Matthew James International Singapore

Caroline J. Dawson

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Caroline has more than 15 years of invaluable experience as a Corporate Communication and Management Trainer and Journalist.

Geoff Barwise at Matthew James International Singapore

Geoff Barwaise

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Geoff's passion is to inspire individual to become a model of personal excellence,catalyst for growth and change to help others to do better. 

Bryan Martin at Matthew James International Singapore

Bryan Martin

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Bryan Martin believes in empowering individuals to become better through equipping them with essential life skills.

Matthew James Training Singapore Consultant Trainer

Matthew James

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Matthew's passion is in helping individuals discover and unleash the potential within them. 

Zen Choo

Zen-Leo Choo

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Zen constantly challenges his participants to think for themselves and encourages expression of diverse views.

Donus Loh at Matthew James International Singapore

Donus Loh

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Donus's greatest passion is to guide people in finding happiness in their lives, so that they can contribute at their optimal level

Betty Kansekine

Betty Kansekine

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Betty believes in the power of maximizing one's potential through improving and changing oneself from the inside out

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