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The leadership development palette has two overarching objectives. Firstly by empowering and enabling leaders to become better leaders through innovative leadership development programmes that incorporate assessments, coaching, self-discovery and practical skills.  Secondly to help people managers to achieve higher employee engagement through effective human resource practices.


EQ In Successful Leadership

LD01 - EQ In Successful Leadership


Emotional intelligence or EQ has received much attention in leadership studies in recent years. There is much evidence to strongly suggest that there is a close connection between a person’s level of emotional intelligence and the ability to lead successfully. This this workshop helps intelligence and the ability to lead successfully. This workshop helps individuals who are in leadership positions or who are preparing to assume such positions to identify and strategically managed emotions to the benefit of themselves and those that they are leading.



•Appreciate that continuous changing work and social climates demand Emotional Intelligence to be new and important addition to leadership tools

•Discover their current level of Emotional Intelligence

•Have a clear awareness of which factor(s) they need to improve on

•Learn to improve each of the factors of Emotional Intelligence

•Learn how to apply Emotional Intelligence Leadership positions at the workplace

LD02 - 21st Century Leadership: Mentoring And Managing The New Generation


Effective leaders are those who seek to harness the talent and motivations of the Gen Y as they represent the future investments and successes of the company. Being able to understand their wants and guiding them to work successfully together not just with their own peer but also with other members of the organizational hierarchy is not a simple task. This intense workshop will provide the toolkit for these leaders to pave the road of success for themselves and their organization.



•Understand the backgrounds and mindsets across generations

•Challenge and manage stereotype beliefs and assumptions of different generations

•Identify and anticipate conflicting issues across generations

•Create and sustain a positive working environment that includes open communication and allows flexibility and creativity

•Learn and apply positive management and mentoring skills to engage with the Gen Y population

LD03 - Managing Challenging And Difficult Employees


This workshop is designed to equip managers and supervisors with the necessary skills that are required to better manage employees that can be difficult. Participants will gain a better understanding of the diverse factors that contribute to more effective employee engagement. They will then be taught how to harness these factors positively so as to better manage others at work.



•Identify and deal effectively with difficult employees

•Employ approaches to improve communicating with difficult employees

•Learn how to identify emotional triggers in employees

•Understand the conflict management process when managing employees

LD04 - Psychological Leadership: Readers Of Minds - Leaders Of Men


In this workshop, participants will learn a number of critical psychological principals and applications that would enable one to confidently portray a leader who is able to manage the difficult emotions, attitudes and expectations of his subordinates.



•Understand and appreciate what psychology is

•Learn how psychology can be used effectively at the workplace

•Learn fundamental psychology principles that are applicable in the workplace

•Apply principles to ‘read the minds of others’ and manage individual and group behaviour

•Learn and apply self-help psychological skills to manage self better

LD05 - Counseling Skills For People Managers


A two day workshop aimed at training individuals in leadership positions at the workplace fundamental counseling skills. With such ‘People Skills’, leaders can add other important element to their repertoire of leadership skills. It also develops the kind of leader that is not just a ‘cold, hard driver’ who is focused only on results, but one that is readily approachable and who demonstrates understanding of the difficult issues that their staff may present.



•Understand what counselling and it’s roles and applications

•Understand the importance of counselling in the workplace context

•Learn various fundamental counselling skills

•Learn and achieve empathy skills

•Apply counselling skills in the workplace context

LD06 - Mentoring Skills For People Management


This workshop helps leaders, managers and personnel in a group leader position to understand the importance of good mentoring at the workplace. Participants will discover their own effective style of mentoring to establish successful and rewarding working relationships with their mentees. Participants become an active part of their staff’s progress in their careers. This fulfills one key aspect of leadership that can be observed in successful big and small organizations. Participants will walk away with useful strategies and take-away’s that will make them better mentors of their charges.



•Understand the importance of building a proper mentoring relationship with their staff

•Appreciate and reap the benefits from creating and sustaining positive mentoring relationships

•Learn and apply the best practices of successful mentors

•Be a leader that demonstrates foresight and care for their staff

LD07 - Leading Meetings That Work


This workshop is designed to address all areas relevant to planning and executing an effective meeting, walking participants through the process and structure of a well-organized meeting, as well as highlighting the communication and leadership skills required of a good chair person.



•Understand the characteristics of a good chairperson and be able to execute a meeting with finesse and confidence

•Achieve planned results within the time allocated for the meeting

•Be able to direct a meeting creatively by creating rapport with others and generating interest and active participation

•Overcome common problems in a work meeting

LD08 - Becoming Extraordinary Leaders


To lead teams, departments and companies, we need effective leaders, who are good at achieving work results on the one hand and yet have strong inter-personal skills. A leader who works on internalizing these high-performing leadership skills as ‘instincts’ is on the way to becoming extraordinary. An extraordinary leader will bring about higher performance and higher employee engagement, empowering talents to perform at their best. This programme can be customized to meet the developmental needs of your company. It will cover competencies such as personal mastery, interaction skills, building trust and credibility and driving performance.



•How to align and drive individual and team performance

•How to create Mission, Vision and Values with high team ownership

•How to build a high performance team culture

•How to conduct career and performance coaching

•How to train your team with professional training techniques and skills

21st Century Leadership: Mentoring And Managing The New Generation
Managing Challenging And Difficult Employees
Psychological Leadership: Readers Of Minds - Leaders Of Men
Counseling Skills For People Managers
Mentoring Skills For People Management
Leading Meetings That Work
Becoming Extraordinary Leaders
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