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DiSCovering Team Excellence: Maximizing Performance through DiSC Personality Profiling Test

Learning Objectives :

1. Learn about their own DISC styles along with their unique strengths, motivations, communication
and problem-solving approach
2. Learn to relate more effectively with team members of a different style.
3. Develop Interpersonal, team and leadership strategies to collaborate effectively within a team.
4. Learn and gain insight through customized role plays/case study based on related work scenarios
to ensure the learners can apply the DISC learning and contextualize the learning to work interaction and leadership scenarios.

About this Course

Effective team communication is vital for achieving work objectives and enriching personal interactions. While daily interactions within your team are common, you may not always assess how your natural communication tendencies impact others.

Our interactive workshop is centered on leveraging the DiSC Model by Dr. William Marston to improve work effectiveness. DiSC model offers valuable insights into human behavior, empowering you to understand your own behavioral preferences as a team leader and those of your team members.

By gaining a deeper understanding of DISC profiling, you'll be equipped to enhance communication, collaboration, and leadership within your team, ultimately boosting overall effectiveness.

Why DiSC Profiling Workshop is Essential


Fostering Collaboration: Each DISC style offers distinct strengths to contribute to team efforts. DISC profiling enables teams to identify and leverage these strengths, promoting synergy and productivity.


Facilitating Personal Growth: Through DISC profiling, individuals gain insights into their own behavioral patterns, allowing them to identify areas for personal development and refine their interpersonal skills within the team context.


Understanding Personalities: DISC profiling provides clarity on individuals' behavioral tendencies, whether they lean towards assertiveness, sociability, patience, or meticulousness. This insight fosters empathy and understanding among team members.


Cultivating Trust: By understanding the diverse DISC profiles within the team, members can appreciate and trust each other's unique perspectives and approaches. This fosters a supportive environment where trust flourishes, enhancing team cohesion and collaboration.

Our DiSC Facilitator

Matthew James.jpg

Matthew James

Matthew James, a certified trainer in MBTI, DISC profiling, and Metaplan M1/M2 tools, has been conducting corporate training and facilitating team development sessions since 2001.

As the founder and CEO of Matthew James International, he specializes in public speaking, facilitation, and team development, with a wealth of experience consulting with over 1000 companies across 20 countries in the past two decades. Matthew is highly regarded for his ability to connect with audiences, making learning relatable and impactful.

Matthew's excellence has earned him prestigious awards, including the HDB Quality Partners Award in 2018 and the Singapore Civil Service College Associate Excellence Award in 2019.


Client's Testimonials

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Matthew James is super engaging and knowledgeable.  I love that the facts shared are well researched. He is thorough in his explanation and is sincere respectful and genuine.

sats ltd singapore

The trainer enhanced awareness of our own and our peers' MBTI profiling, fostering productive discussions among team members, and implementing the tool effectively.

housing board development

It was a refreshing course. The knowledge shared by the facilitator is useful when communicating with colleagues, as well as understanding one's preferred way of thinking and behavior.
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