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The personal development suite of programmes helps individuals develop vital competencies that will not only benefit them but also the organisations that they work at. The programmes address key competencies such as personal effectiveness, time management to creative thinking. The programmes are facilitated by subject matter experts who will not only share experientially but also inspire participants to be committed in the development of these important life skills.


Achieving Personal Effectiveness For Greater Success

PD-01 Achieving Personal Effectiveness For Greater Success


This highly popular programme is designed to help participants achieve effectiveness in both their personal spheres and professional spheres. This is done by helping them inculcate and living out positive principles. Vital skills such as the importance of personal visioning, time management, empathic communication and establishing collaborative relationships will be covered.



•Understand and inculcate principles in your life that lead to effectiveness

•Learn how to become better motivated at work

•Understand the importance of living a values driven life

•Learn how to manage time and resources better

•Learn how to communicate empathically

PD-02 Time Management That Works


This course is designed specifically to help participants understand the fundamentals of time management and how it can help them in their work. They will get to access the problem areas in their current work situation, analysis their potential shortfalls and learn a host of time management strategies that will help them become more effective and efficient workers.



•Identify and assess the problem areas in the management of their time

•Identify strategies to overcome these problem areas

•Learn to use the Time Management Matrix

•Learn prioritizing skills

•Develop systems and solutions that can be adapted to meet their needs

PD-03 Becoming A Better Decision Maker


This one-day programme is designed to help participants learn various practical techniques and strategies to make quick and informed decisions. Participants will learn how to map out contextual factors of consideration, likely consequences of action and confidently decide on the best course of action.



•Appreciate the importance of making quick and informed decisions confidently

•Understand various models of decision-making, and how they can be applied in the workplace

•Learn specific strategies to make decisions amidst conflicting factors

•Learn to analyse situations better through advanced techniques

•Learn to reduce the time taken to make good decisions

PD-04 Positive Thinking For Success


This worship aims to help participants understand the impact their thinking styles have on their work performance, relationships with others, as well as themselves. Through interactive and self-reflective methods, participants will begin to appreciate the importance of nurturing a positive style of thinking and its impact on their lives, helping them to become more engaged with their jobs and colleagues and improve their work performances.



•Understand the importance of how our thinking affects our behaviour

•Appreciate various thinking styles and their links to both positive and negative behaviour

•Understand and apply optimism at the workplace

•Harness positive attitudes and self motivation through positive thinking

PD-05 Networking And Business Etiquette Skills


The ability to expand our circle of influence through people contact is essential to success in business. This two-day highly interactive workshop will supply all the hands-on instruction and practical tools you need to become a more confident networker and apply yourself to proper business etiquette.



•Learn social skills and professional protocols when interacting with people

•Master the art of social and business conversations

•Learn how to create a powerful first impression in business

•Be able to effectively and confidently conduct business introductions and improve your networking skills

•Understand the Power of Image and the important role it plays in achieving Corporate Success

PD-06 Managing Stress Well


This workshop is designed to help individuals learn skills to better manage their stress levels. This in turn will help them achieve better work life balance. Participants will discover their own stress profile and therefore have a better understanding of the impact of stress on their lives. Psychological and practical skills will be shared with participants to help them manage their current stress levels better.



•Understand the positive and negative impact stress has on our lives

•Discover one’s current stress levels

•Understand what causes stress

•Learn and apply practical and psychological methods to manage stress successfully

•Develop own set of coping strategies to better manage stress

PD-07 Smart Memory


Smart Memory workshop is a customized one-day workshop that caters to the specific needs of working adults. The workshop presents effective memory techniques founded by years of research in cognitive psychology. A fun-filled activity-based approach, the workshop will have participants discover effective and novel techniques that can be applied in their workplace, and become more effective in their daily tasks.



•Understand the various types of memory systems and how they work

•Learn which memory systems could work optimally for them

•Learn and apply novel and interesting strategies that would help in enhancing work performance through better memory techniques

•Develop cognitive techniques for improved retention of information

PD08-  Resilience To Excellence: Psychological Skills To Thrive At The Workplace


Resilience to Excellence is a personal skills development programme designed to boast an individual’s resilience – the ability to remain focused, on-task and in problem solving mode – in the face of adversities like change, ambiguity, conflict and uncertainty. A seven – skill workshop that was designed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, based on the results of 30 years of scientific research; it is founded on the principles of cognitive psychology and positive psychology.



•Better understand how their thoughts drive their feelings and actions

•Realize how inaccurate thinking can derail their efforts

•Utilize 4 concrete, practical skills to think more flexibly and accurately and to solve problems more effectively

•Utilize 3 additional skills to tap into positive emotions, identify positive values and beliefs, and commit and re-connect to their lives and jobs in new and meaningful ways

•Apply all 7 skills to any work or life situation to become more resilient, productive and successful

PD09-Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) For Personal Effectiveness And Building Excellent Human Relations


NLP is a method of programming one's mind and body through careful attention to the things we say, do, feel and think. NLP has been successfully used by individuals to motivate themselves as well as by coaches to help people attain better results in life and work. In merging NLP techniques with Personal Excellence, the individual is guaranteed to increase rapport with others, increase self-management skills, improve work processes and build resources to cope with challenging, new and difficult situations.



•Bring more elegance and mastery to your communication

•Enhance your relationships in all areas of your life

•Learn to handle stress with lightness and humour

•Improve your whole attitude to yourself and others

•Change the lives of those around you for good

PD10- Creative Thinking: Out-Of-The-Box And In The Workplace!


Creative thinking is a valuable skill for today's fast-changing world. The concept of innovations and how it relates to the bottom line will also be emphasized. An innovative mindset not only identifies and evaluates great ideas for the marketplace; it also focuses on solving customer problems and issues. Course participants will learn how to integrate creativity with analytical thinking for effective problem solving and decision making, and to develop critical thinking skills.



•Understand the differences between creativity and innovation, creative and critical thinking

•Identify current creative thinking capabilities, including strengths and blind spots

•Apply creative thinking self-awareness to develop further creative thinking skills

•Improve ability to align creativity and analytical thinking to help solve customer problems and issues

•Effectively apply creative thinking to all day-to-day work tasks

PD11- How to Think on Your Feet


At some stage, everyone is put in the position of having to think on their feet and to say something useful with little notice and under considerable pressure! However whilst dealing with this situation seems difficult there are techniques that can give you confidence in and enable you to make a great impression. This one-day workshop will provide you with a safe environment in which to develop confidence in using these skills and enable you to apply them back to the real world.



•How to think quickly and logically while under pressure

•How to structure information for best effect

•Learn how to respond to difficult situations confidently

•Learn techniques to overcome resistance and be more persuasive

•Apply easily-remembered tools to a variety of situations

Time Management That Works
Becoming A Better Decision Maker
Positive Thinking For Success
Networking and Business Etiquette Skills
Managing Stress Well
Smart Memory
Resilience To Excellence
Using NLP for Pesonal Effectiveness and Building Excellent
Creative Thinking: Out of the box and in the workplace
How to Think on Your Feet
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