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At MJI we believe that organisational excellence is the responsibility of every person in a company. The programmes offered here are based on practical challenges that organisations face today. The various learning interventions address these challenges. In doing so, they equip both individuals and organisations with skills to better meet these challenges head on.


Effective Performance Management

OE01- Effective Performance Management


This programme is designed to help managers understand that performance management is not something that is done once or twice yearly, but rather an on-going process that needs to be applied on a day-to-day basis when managing and motivating their staff. Participants will learn practical tips and techniques to help them create on engaged workforce that is passionate and effective for their organizations.



•Understand the rationale, philosophy and principles of performance management

•Effectively manage the performance and potential of their employees

•Understanding key principles of employee engagement

•Learn how to assess performance and give feedback

•Communicating expectations and using SMART goals

OE02- Growing A Culture of Excellence


This highly sought after programme aims to help organizations build and nurture a culture of excellence among their workforce. The premise of this programme is that excellence must first begin with the individual. The programme will help individuals to become better connected with their work and in doing so become more motivated to give off their best to the organization. Through real-life case studies and self-reflective methods, participants will being to understand the importance of their roles in the large objective on building and sustaining a culture of excellence in the workplace.



•Understand the importance of personal excellence and how it is different from personal effectiveness

•Be aware of one’s own personal handicaps that hinders personal excellence

•Identify and apply essential values at the workplace

•Understand the need to find meaning in one’s endeavours and to consider the greater good in one’s work

•Appreciate how one’s work contribute to organizational excellence and find personal pride

OE03- Managing Cross Generational Teams


Cross generational teams are the realities of the workplace today. In order for companies to succeed, the challenge faced by many organizations is getting the baby boomers, generation X and generation Y to work well with one another. Participants will be guided to take positive steps to better engage with colleagues from different generations. This will in turn bring about better team spirit and create a healthier work climate.



•Understand the backgrounds and mindsets across generations

•Challenge and manage stereotype beliefs and assumptions of different generations

•Identify and anticipate conflicting issues across generations

•Create and sustain a positive working environment that includes open communication and allows flexibility and creativity

•Learn and apply positive attitudes and mindsets in engaging with others from other generations

OE04- Scenario Planning And Strategic Thinking Techniques


This workshop provides specific and practical help on implementing and effectively using strategic planning and management skills. The workshop will refine internal processes and provide insight into changing business unit dynamics. The training will illustrate how the cognitive principle can be taken back to the workplace and put into practice so that your business operations can be strategically planned and managed.



•Understand how to create a shared group vision

•Identify the obstacles and associated underlying causes

•Formulate strategic goals and tasks for the organization

•Develop a greater initiative and responsibility for turning plans into action

•Acquire techniques in encouraging more innovative ideas as a team

OE05- Top Talent Retention: Moving From Managing To Coaching


Coaching and mentoring has become an integral part of organizations’ talent retention and leadership development. This workshop has been designed to equip managers with skills to aid them in their coaching and mentoring journey. It offers participants an opportunity to reflect on the resources they have and those that they need to bring them to the next level. In this highly interactive workshop, participants will have opportunity to assess their skills and will have opportunities to practice the skills, receive feedback and develop their skills further.



•An overview of career coaching models

•Implementation of coaching as a tool for succession planning, leadership development and talent retention

•Using coaching as a tool for sustained performance to boost motivation and drive performance

•Creating alignment of individual’s goals and organisational goals

•Steps to create a coaching programme at the workplace: staff evaluation, coach selection and training, coaching implementation

OE06- Change Management - Psychological Readiness


This programme aims at training individuals to understand and appreciate change in an organization. Participants will realize at the end of the workshop that people are critical to successful change outcome. Thus understanding why others would want change or are resistant to it will be addressed. Similarly, it is also essential to learn of one’s adaptability to change and discover one’s leadership role in a change climate. Proper application of knowledge and skills in sucj areas would enable successful change outcome at the organizational and cultural level.



•Ways to react to change better

•See change as something not to be feared and resisted but as an essential need

•Understand that adapting to change is not technical but rather attitudinal

•See change as an opportunity for self-motivation, personal excellence and innovation

•Identify strategies for helping change to be accepted and implemented in the workplace

OE07- Interview Skills - Recruiting The Right Talent


Recruiting the right talent is critical to the success of any organization and is one of the most complex challenges of the hiring manager. Interviewing skills really start with an understanding of the fundamentals of recruitment and selection, most critically acknowledging the cost of hiring incorrectly and learning how to link the needs of the company with the individual role, both now and for the future. This programme is customized for managers who are responsible for sourcing and hiring talent. Participants will learn about defining roles accurately so they can choose appropriate sourcing channels, shortlisting techniques and interview structure and style to hire the best candidate for the role.



•Learn how to define job roles and scope accurately

•Learn how to link the needs of the company with the individual role

•Learn how to ask the right questions to determine behavioural and competency match

•How to manage the interview process

•Be equipped with a framework that you can use when conducting an interview

Growing A Culture of Excellence
Managing Cross Generational Teams
Scenario Planning And Strategic Thinking Techniques
Top Talent Retention: Moving From Managing To Coaching
Change Management - Psychological Readiness
Interview Skills - Recruiting The Right Talent
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