Team Building Events


At MJI, we take pride at the fact that our teambuilding events are always strategically conceptualized to ensure they meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We have delivered high quality and diverse events across the Asia Pacific region. We use a specific methodology “Tri-Dialenomics” to ensure that our events are customized to meet every unique requirement.


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TB01 - Building Your Team

Option 1: Fully Indoor Based
Option 2: Half Indoor & Half Outdoor
Option 3: Fully Outdoor

Low elemental event which can be conducted indoors and outdoors in various venues around the world. Building your team is a very popular event option which involves the participants engaging in a variety of action-learning games and activities that are designed to reinforce learning. In addition, in-depth post-activity debriefs are conducted with the intention for self and team reflections culminating in action plans for application post-event. This event has been designed with the intent to allow full participation from staff of all age ranges and physical conditioning.

TB02 - Cooking Up A Storm

Option 1: Cooking a Meal Iron Chef Style
Option 2: Baking a Cake from Scratch
Option 3: Farm themed cooking challenge

This is a fun-filled event that promotes teamwork, bonding and camaraderie. Teams are given a cooking or baking challenge by the chefs/bakers. A competitive element can be introduced to increase the stakes for the teams. Each session usually lasts 4 hours. The teams will start to put their meals together under the watchful eye of the chefs/bakers. The emphasis is on having fun, and getting colleagues outside of the work place to come together as a team to prepare a nice meal for everyone to enjoy at the end of the session.

TB03 - Flying in Formation

High elemental event which is outdoor based and involves the use of high ropes challenges. This is an excellent for leadership development, team bonding and building trust among team members. Participants will end the day with a great sense of personal achievement as they come out of their comfort zones for the sake of the team.

TB04 - Growing a Culture of Excellence

This event aims to help teams realize the importance of inculcating a culture of excellence in their work teams or organizations. The activities seek to reinforce the role that each person can play to contribute to a culture of excellence at work. An indoor based event, it utilizes action-learning games as well as a learning journey to help team members become better motivated at work and consequently become pro-active contributors to an excellent work culture.

TB05 - S.W.A.T.

Option 1: Paintballs
Option 2: Laser Guns

Teams will engage in a paintball or laser gun battle. The goal of the game is to conquer the two targets on the opponents’ side of the field or advancing to capture your team’s ammo box on your side of the field. The event has been designed to promote team communication, planning, achieving team targets and perseverance. A fun-filled warfare event!

TB06 - Sailing Regatta

This event is perfect for leadership teams and smaller groups as it encourages bonding and teamwork as participants engage in a sailing race. Participants will board boats and be assigned individual roles onboard which are critical to helping their team win the regatta. Each boat will be skippered by an experienced sailor as teams race towards the finishing point.

TB07 - Shop Till You Drop!

This is an amazing race type event designed around a shopping theme. The group will be given shopping money and then divided into smaller teams and race to various activity stations located within a mega mall. At each activity station on the race, teams will have to work together to complete a task. At the successful completion of the task, teams will receive their next destination clue. This is a very popular event as teams have the luxury of racing in air-conditioned comfort of the designated mall.

TB08 - The Amazing Race

Option 1: City Race
Option 2: Resort Race
Option 3: Country side Race
Option 4: Driving Race
Option 5: Sea-based race

This very popular event is designed and modelled after the popular CBS Reality show, The Amazing Race. Teams will have to negotiate various detours, roadblocks and complete tasks at each station before heading to the finishing point to emerge the winner of the race. The race can be held in any city. The MJI team will incorporate the unique and interesting things and activities about the location into the race design to ensure that the experience is rich and fulfilling.

TB09 - GPS Minesweeper

This is a treasure hunt utilizing GPS technology. Teams will travel to various locations and solve puzzles along the way. Each successful puzzle solved will bring them a step closer to unearthing the treasure! However, interpreting the coordinates wrongly will send teams on a wild goose chase. A event that promotes innovation, creativity and thinking-out-of-the-box.

TB10 - Heritage Trails

Option 1: Cultural
Option 2: Heritage and Historical
Option 3: Museum Race

This event will see teams racing to various sites that are rich in history and heritage. This event combines an amazing race with a learning journey. Teams will discover fascinating facts and journey to interesting sites. A recent addition is a museum themed event where teams journey to the various museums in the city to discover heritage and history. This is a good event to foster camaraderie among team members. Apart from Singapore, the event can be organized in outbound locations such as Malacca, Chiang Mai, Siem Reap and Bali among other cities rich in culture and heritage.

TB11 - Wild Safari Race

Amazing Race type event which is held at the world acclaimed Singapore Zoo. The event incorporates the elements of the Zoo to infuse fun and build team spirit. Teams get to visit the diverse exhibits at the zoo while engaging exciting teambuilding games. Teams can also now experience the Amazon River’s rich flora and fauna which the latest attraction “The River Safari” has been designed to replicate. The Wild Safari Race is one of our top-selling teambuilding events.

TB12 - Cracking the Code

This treasure hunt event is designed around the famous novels and movies; Angels & Demons and the Da Vinci Code. Teams will race against time and one another to locate a cryptex which will reveal the location of the treasure. Teams will have to put to the test their problem solving skills to crack the code and emerge the overall winner.

TB13 - Do It Yourself (DIY)

Sick and tired of the same teambuilding events and games? Finding it hard to decide on what to do next? You can now take charge of designing your own teambuilding event. Out team of teambuilding consultants will provide you with the necessary expertise, support and advice to help you create your own unique event.

TB14 - SynerTeam

SynerTeam is a specially designed intervention to help teams identify and address current team challenges. Through customized action-learning activities, detailed post-activity debriefs, self and team reflections and trainer driven discussions, participants will learn how to communicate better, avoid silo mentalities, optimize resources, negotiate internally and influence others. This is an effective intervention for regional or virtual teams who want to better their communication skills and thereby increase their productivity, bottom-lines and overall effectiveness.

TB15 - Beauty in Diversity

Teams are made of diverse individuals. It is often challenging for different personalities to work cohesively. This event utilises the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality instrument to help teams gain a better understanding of themselves and view diversity as something that makes the team stronger. This event promotes both self and team awareness. Through interactive games, participants will gain a better understanding and appreciation of diversity and in doing so forge a stronger team unit.

TB16- Eat-Play-Love

Eat-Play-Love is an event that immerses participants into the culture of the city that the event is held in an experiential learning journey teambuilding format. Adapted loosely from the Julia Roberts movie of Eat-Pray-love, teams will get to experience the local culinary fares, traditional games, rich cultural diversity and by the end of the event have a deeper appreciation of the culture. The event can be conducted in cities such as Chiang Mai, Taiwan, Bali and Malacca among others.